Heavenly’s Open Heart ❤️ 

Today was a special day for a special kitty and a special lady! : ) Today Jennifer became part of the Heavenly family! She flew all the way from the west to pick up her new baby. We met her at the airport to deliver her little fluffy bundle of joy. We’re so happy to have put these two together.  Thank you Jennifer and welcome to the family! 

Heavenly’s Paisleigh 

Paisleigh’s mom sent us an update we’d like to share with everyone! We’re excited to say she’s very happy with her new home. Paisleigh even had a photoshoot with a professional photographer,  it doesn’t get any cuter than this. 

Thanks for sharing, these photos are priceless! 

Happy Heavenly Puppy!  EZ goes home… 

Hi Bonnie,
E.Z. was a little angel!. Hi loves to go outside. He knows some key words already, who Dad is, when to pee, etc. After doing his work, he runs as fast as he can (I refuse to let go of the leash of course, we would never catch him otherwise!). He plays and chews on the pine cones, tried to eat a small rock, and I had to pull out a small piece of tree branch out of his mouth.

He had a small pee incident on the carpet, not a big deal. He turned his nose up at the pee-pad and crossed the hallway and used the carpet instead. That was early in the evening yesterday. No more yet.

We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow. He is so smart it really amazes me!

Happy Puppy Parents,
Christine and Ron Finn 🐕

A Heavenly Gift! 

Welcome to our Heavenly family! We have decided that Jennifer Frati is one of the most deserving people that has contacted us. We see that she is a great mother, and we want her to be the mommy to our beautiful Loise Lane. Clark, her dad and Kent being her uncle we thought Loise was the perfect name for her. She truly is a special kitten as she is the only one in the litter. A true miracle. We think Jennifer is such a giving person, we want to give something back to her. May this angel bring you and your family many years of love, and joy!! Happy Easter!! From The Heavenly Family 😇

Heavenly’s show our own and competing with some of the best in Wichita Kansas! 

Hannah got reserve yesterday and Rocky went select over Steeler again!! So proud of them both!! The day before Hannah got winners and beat the class dog from California that taffe McFadden has!! Great win!! We were competing against the best dogs in the country this weekend and ours were right in there, that says so much!!! We are very proud to be showing along side these beautiful dogs and professionals. 

Thank you Alyssa Mosley!